Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

October 25, 2013

Birthday Boy~

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Happy Birthday to Humanitarian, Eco-Activist, Actor, Director, Robert Redford.
Your contributions, your dedication to all that is wild and free, to the Environment that you are so passionate about, are so numerous, there is scarcely room to name them all here.
Even though your private world is fiercely guarded and keeps many at bay, your public persona gives you away.
You are one of only a handful of supreme protectors of Nature and because of the imprints you have made on Mother Earth,  your legacy will live on, long after you have left this material world.
Redford’s outstanding contributions to film are legendary, but it is what he has done for the wild places and wild things, his defense of the rights of Native people, that have made him number 2, on my personal list of the Earth’s most influential people, right behind Mahatma Gandhi.
In the end, it isn’t really about what we possess, what matters much more, is what we do with our limited time here.
From the very beginning, Robert was determined that the entertainment world would not force him into being just another pretty face, even though it is such a lovely one.
He has railed repeatedly against this and has chosen projects in both life and films, that were truly worthy of what his legacy would become, as an environmentalist, activist and humanitarian.
My favorite film of his for acting is, The Candidate  and The Milagro Beanfield War, is my favorite for his directing.
Mr.  Redford, you like Gandhi, have given so unselfishly for nearly your entire life, to make the world a better place and have rightfully earned the respect and admiration of millions for your tireless efforts.
Wherever you are on this day Robert, here’s hoping that it is filled with the abundance of joy that you have brought to so many, for so long.
Happy Birthday Kid~
A meager few places to learn more about this American Rebel with so many causes:
The Redford Center
Redford Gets Behind Efforts To End Horse Slaughter
The Sundance Institute
Courage of His Convictions
Forever Wild
If you need more, just Google his name and sit back and enjoy~

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