Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

November 12, 2013


A BLM roundup in Nevada
Kindly permitted: American Wild Horse Preservation

By now you may or may not be, tired of reading about this vile issue here, but it is here again, none the less.
Once again, the courts have ceased for the moment, the despicable practice of horse slaughter in this country.
So, is this a reprieve, hardly!
Those at the forefront of this ” murder for money” business have fought too long and hard to give up.
Despite the total outrage and hostility from every corner of this country and many others, two facilities are on the brink of opening up their shops for business and that business is the killing of horses.
Regardless of which side of the fence you may sit on in this issue, the problem is that we should not be eating wild horses, or any horses, for that matter.
It’s not like our country is in immediate danger of running out of meat for sale, the stores are packed to the ceilings everywhere, with every kind of meat you can imagine.
If you think this is an overstatement, take a look the next time you are in a grocery store, at which department is given the most floor space.
Now, back to the issue.
I read about this latest update yesterday, but had just finished the post for Veteran's Day, so let it go.
Ask me if I slept last night, knowing that this was what I was going to write about today.
Not much!
This ugly issue has been festering in my brain, since the words were first written here months ago.
I simply cannot understand why this is being allowed, nay being pushed down the American throats.
So, why the pressure, the big push, to kill every wild horse?
I have had a theory for months now, who would benefit most from these horses being gone?
Think cows!
If wild, free horses are eating grasses in states all over the country, it could be a threat to huge cattle ranches, right?
What does this say about us as a Nation?
I for one, am ashamed to live in a country, where this is not only allowed, but is being encouraged, with the full support of by the BLM, FDA and the US Government.
The American public is being deceived by so many, it is hard to keep track:
USDA/Forest Service Shuts Down Public Observation at Controversial Wild Horse Roundup
Has everyone conveniently forgotten about this? Wild and Free Roaming Horses Act
What animal will be next, I fear to ask?
If this cruelty cannot be stopped, I for one, will take it very personally and feel like a complete failure.
This Blog exists for one singular purpose, to expose and hopefully cease the pain being inflicted on innocent animals.
If I have completely failed in an issue which is so close to me, why would I wish to continue?
It would seem that I have done little or nothing here to make a difference.
Is there any hope?
Can we  Stop Horse Slaughter?

You may read this most recent story, with all of its mixed messages here:
Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Halts Horse Slaughter

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