Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

February 9, 2014

Masticating Mollusks~

Oyster Sloop, Cos Cob
Painting credit: Frederick Childe Hassam

The sun is out here in our part of the  Sunshine State  for the first time this week, the rain has finally stopped, although we desperately needed it, but nearly a week of not seeing sunlight, got to be a bit overwhelming.
And with this bright sun this morning,  finally a chance to bring you some upbeat, cheerful, positive in any shape or form,  good news about Florida’s animals.
This morning on our local news was a story that the possible savior for the highly polluted, severely contaminated,  Indian River Lagoon could be for all of the local residents to hang oyster traps at their the Indian River homes.
If you have been following this Blog for a bit, you may have read one of more of the postings already done on this subject, as  the pollution of the Indian River and the effects on the wildlife that call it home,  has been a thorn in my side since the inception of this Blog last March.
So hearing the story this morning about a new idea, a new thought in cleaning it up,  was very exciting, and it is a natural non chemical solution.
The Award Winning project by the Brevard Zoo has encouraged all the  home owners who live on the Lagoon to get involved in this and help the River recover by putting out Oyster traps out on their docks.
It seems that Oysters collect tremendous amounts of pollutants from the water that they live in.  (having lived in LA for 30 years,  this was not a subject very familiar to me)
It does seem sad that the very good deed the oysters are doing by removing the putrid remains of human neglect,  is ingested into their own bodies.
But, I  have been told by my resident Connecticut Yankee, who is  quite familiar with all of this, that it does not hurt them and that, he says, they thrive on it.
All I can say is  YUK!
It is wonderful that the Zoo in the area where this is all taking place,  is leading the way into the potential renewal of one of the most formerly pristine bodies of water in Central Florida.
The number of wildlife species that are totally dependent on the cleanliness and health of this body of water is staggering.
The numbers that have already died or are now severely suffering is like wise, dolphins, brown pelicans and manatees to name but a few.
A huge Thank you to the Brevard Zoo for implementing this visionary project and God Bless these Masticating Mollusks~
If  you live on the River, or just want to get involved, these are just a few of the places to learn more about the Project:
This is absolutely the finest piece of work that I have ever read about this subject:
Troubled Water: Indian River Lagoon
More about the Oyster Projects:
The Oyster Restoration Project
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