Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

February 16, 2014

Saving Sharks~

A Nurse Shark
Picture credit: Joseph Thomas

With every story written, I read your words, I feel your pain, it is my pain as well.
Like me, you suffer through every terrible bit of news about who and what is being done daily, to innocent animals all over the world, and as one of you remarked on yesterday’s story, you also ” feel hopeless ” sometimes, about all of this, wondering if anything that we do truly matters or makes a difference.
Well, not today, because today is ”feel good Sunday ” and by God I have brought you a feel good story, finally!
If you have been coming here for a bit, you may recall a story written not so long ago, about the despicable act of Shark finning in many countries all over the world.
It sent many of you/us over the top in furious tirades.
Since then, there have been several states and countries who have banned this disgusting practice and things were looking up, then NOAA dropped the hammer on all of it and another wave of fury began.
After all of the Petitions, emails, phone calls and just plain ugly responses (over 24,000 of them) to NOAA’s interference and may I just say, negative and confusing attitude about this terrible Issue, our US Government has finally relented and we, the people, can claim one small victory for at least one of the wild things that we share this planet with.
Although this is a great victory for the sharks, 5 states still remain in question and pressure must continue to be put on them to join this humane and critical step towards saving sharks.
Yes, we can and do make a difference~

The story is below, please do read it and feel good, this is one for them.
We can all take a little credit, because we care and we fight back against all odds to protect ” those with no voice. “
NOAA backs down

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