Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 7, 2011

Federal Judge Rejects Plea for Panther Habitat Protection

When I first moved here in 2004 from Southern California, I was excited to see the wonderful wildlife in abundance all over the state and the apparent concern for living things.
Since then, I have watched as each year wildlife gets pushed farther away
from their ancestral lands and into unfamiliar new territories,
where their chances for survival are slim because so many others
are already competing for the same space and food there.
Today Federal Judge John Steele has put Florida one step closer to
becoming exactly like California, a place with lots of concrete,
but very little animal life.
When the last wild Panther in Florida draws its final breath,
how can we as a species not feel guilty?
We put development, buildings, concrete and Golf Courses ahead
of their tiny remaining speck of land and care nothing for what we
have done to them.
Gandhi once said that a Country will be judged by how it treats its animals,
so what does this say for our Country?
Or for this state?
We prefer Golf Courses and Condos to the sight of wild life just doing
what they do best, living.
Soon, Florida will have one less species to annoy all the land developers here,
the Florida Panther.
A great story about our critically Endangered Florida Panther:

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