Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

April 10, 2011

Write, Call or Fax, please just do something, anything!

If you have never written a letter to a Public Agency like the FWS,
please let this day be your first.
The most critically Endangered Animal in Florida, in fact,
in the entire U.S., is our Florida Panther.
It has been killed by cars, shot by Ranchers and chased out of its ancestral
homes all over Florida by greedy developers with nothing on their minds,
except building something, anything!
Now the lawsuit fighting to protect the very last piece of Florida Panther Habitat, was just ruled against by a Judge, (see story below) and the only
thing standing between its complete and total extinction is YOU!
The man at the helm of the FWS is Mr. Nick Wiley:
Nick Wiley Executive Director
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Office Phone:(850) 487-3796  FAX: (850) 921-5786
Please respond, you are their only hope now.

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