Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

August 8, 2012

It's Crunch Time In Tallahassee, Where Need Meets Greed!

 The Green Swamp Preserve
The Green Swamp Preserve, a part of Florida Forever.
Photo credit: John Moran/John Moran Photo.com
Eric Draper, the head of Audubon Florida, along with several other environmental
groups has just launched a campaign to get a constitutional amendment put on the ballot.
Republicans have been doing a hack job on Florida Forever,
to the tune of 97.5 % and making it just about impossible to protect
our land and water, as this program was originally set up to do.
The money to pay for the program comes from tax stamps, which comes
from home sales and we all know how the housing market has been.
So, when Republicans need a little extra money for odd and ends in Tallahassee,
they "borrow" it from this Environmental program.
It will take over 600,000 signatures to get this Amendment put on the Ballot
and if approved it would go into effect in 2015.
There's not too much at stake here, just the decision as to whether or not,
we are going to safeguard any land or water at all,
to pass on to the next generation of Floridians.
Oh, so that would be the present generations legacy, right?
And, what if this Amendment fails?
What does that say about us here in the present?

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