Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

August 11, 2012

What Are A Few Bombs Among Friends, Right?

Harriet, our resident Gopher Tortoise.  A Florida Scrub Jay  A Sand Skink  A Florida Scrub Morning Glory
Scrub Morning Glory photo: Scott Zona
When a team of "five environmental experts," goes onto a bombing range to determine
the status of some Threatened or Endangered species, is this dedication or ??
Recently this group went onto the Pinecastle Range here in the Ocala Forest near where
we live, to see the effects the Navy bombing has had on several threatened species.
The areas easily accessible to the group, yielded a poor sampling, but when they got into a
military Humvee and went further in, they found a better representation of these species,
which includedgopher tortoisesscrub jays,  sand skinks
I am not sure what all of this really means to those doing the hunting,
but for those of us who live here in the normally tranquil Ocala Forest,
we can assure them that we humans are being very disturbed.
Every time they start their bombing "practices," our walls shake and our Airedale goes nuts.
We always know before our enemies do, when they are about to get bombed.
So, if we are this disturbed and are about 40-50 miles away from the Range,
I can only imagine how frightened the animals are that live at ground zero.
The Jets are supposed to be using computers, not live bombs,
but I can't imagine any computer that exists today,
that could shake our house from that far way~

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