Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

October 21, 2012

The Joys And Sorrows Of Fall In The Forest

     Green Anole     A Female Green Treefrog     Harriet, our Gopher Tortoise.

Finally this morning, the day that we all wait for came, the temperature this morning here in the Ocala Forest was a crispy 49 degrees.
Now this was a joyous event for those of us who have suffered for the past six months in 90+ degrees,
98% humidity here, but for the beloved critters
around my house, it is now time for "see 'ya later."
None of my "children" the tiny green treefrogs or the beautiful green lizards (anoles) have shown up for the past two days on the front porch or been spied climbing up the lattice at the edge of it, where they usually love to hang out all day.
For all of them, I guess it is time to find a warm place to wait it out.
Surprisingly though, our Gopher Tortoise "Harriet," who has been MIA for several months, has now decided to reappear in the front yard, eating ferociously every day this week.
Not sure what this means, usually she disappears right about now for the winter?
It has been a strange summer for all of us, extremely hot and dry, where it should be tropical.
Not very good for anything that walks, crawls or flies around here.
Our lakes have all suffered and the wildlife right along with them from the extreme drought.
So, this new season that is now apparently finally upon us, brings the usual double edged sword, better weather for humans, but a going away party for the creatures we love so much.

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