Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

October 7, 2012

Does The Environment Or Endangered Wildlife Matter To Either President Obama Or Mitt Romney?

 President Obama and Mitt Romney

This is a serious subject for many, but few politicians seem willing to risk their
carefully controlled standings this year to support such a low value return issue.
In fact, this subject is so low on the ladder list of 2012 Campaign Issues,
that you would have to dig down under the ground to get to it.
In 2012, the political silence on the Environment is deafening.
I have watched the debate and listened to the non stop barrage of ugly words
on TV for months, but one thing I can't seem to find in any of it, is even the
slightest concern for the Planet and the living things on it by these two men,
one of whom will be President of this country very soon.
Why is that, I wonder?
The staggering, obscene amounts of money these two have raised could feed
an entire country for years, I am sure.
But instead of going for good, this endless bank account is paying for even more ugly,
vicious words to be endured by an already Campaign saturated American public.
And yet, for all of the words spoken, not one of them is ever concerning one of the most fragile
issues of them all, our Global Ecosystems.
When did we stop caring for living beings and begin to covet only material things?
When all that is truly wondrous has ceased to be, will the money stuffed into
the campaign war chests of these two men buy us all a new world?
The Ark has already left the building~

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