Walking with the Alligators

Walking with the Alligators
A Florida Alligator

October 28, 2012

What Does Clean Water Mean To You And Me?

 Florida's Everglades National Park
As we celebrate the Clean Water Act this month, two things are really bugging me.
First, wildlife is still dying in the Gulf from the Eco-nightmare that the selfish oil people made of a spectacularly beautiful place, I know this because I have swam in the Gulf and been in awe of its pristine beauty for many years.
Oh,  you thought that BP and the nice oil people took care of the mess that they made there?
Think again, they have not.
Then there is our ever besieged Everglades Ecosystem, which is still fighting for its life everyday against the overwhelming big money machines that run South Florida, who see this entire area as only a minor impediment on their way to paving over and building over everything natural in the state.
Do I sound just a little hostile, you bet.
The Gulf and the Everglades have a great deal in common, neither of them can vote or write big checks to polluters, so they are abused and pushed aside.
It is up to those of us with opposable thumbs to speak up and vote and do whatever it takes to stop these big money Wildlife Butchers.
If Marjorie were alive today, she would be at the head of the line taking all of these people on, but she has waged her last battle.
God Bless her for the many, many years that she fought against them, she was devoted to saving the Everglades.
When will we get a Governor, or any politicians in this state, who will stand up to the Sugar people, the builders and the legions of selfish people who care nothing about the future of Florida and its wonderful natural beauty, only where their next check or guilty pleasure is coming from?
Our Environment cannot protect or defend itself, it needs us to speak and act on its behalf, now!
There, got that out of my system.

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